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Welcome Brian Gallimore's Home on the Internet

Thanks for clicking over to my website.  It was created to teach myself a little about the open source software "Joomla!".  There is a lot more content at my blog at blog.briangallimore.com.

My other websites:

sparkygeek.com - landing page for my industrial controls business

ntcl.org - North Texas Citizens Lobby's mission is to restore limited government that benefits all and shows preference to none, through education and active civic participation.

northtexasvegetablegardeners.com and ntvg.org - local backyard vegetable gardening in the north Texas area

hemanwomunhaters.com - man humor, mostly

statistslayers.com - pro-liberty memes and messages

If you would like to send me an encrypted message you can do so by using my public PGP key located at briangallimore.com/pgp/.

A special thanks to Luke Gallimore in Manchester, UK for giving me a link from his domain:  brian.gallimore.me



Gardening Website

I've created a dedicated gardening website to serve as home for storing information useful to backyard vegetable gardeners in the north Texas area.  (planting dates, plant information, techniques)

http://briangallimore.com/gardening/ <--- broken

UPDATE:  Lots more information is at http://northtexasvegetablegardeners.com/


Blog Website

blog website:





WVO Car Project Website

I created a website detailing all the modifications I did on my 1985 Diesel Mercedes to run it on waste vegetable oil: