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Welcome Brian Gallimore's Home on the Internet

Thanks for clicking over to my website.

I created this site to teach myself a little more about creating a site using the open source software "Joomla!".  Please excuse the fact that it is basic, simple, and unfinished.  I try to regularly share things interesting to me on my blog.  I also have websites dedicated to gardening and my vegetable oil car.

I've started a forum dedicated to vegetable gardening for people living in the north Texas region.  Along with this will be a gardening blog and wiki.  My goal is to develop these resources with quality content and attract users in the future.  I haven't found an existing resource like this, and think many people could make use of it.

If you would like to send me an encrypted message you can do so by using my public PGP key located at http://briangallimore.com/pgp/.


Recent Blog Entries

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WVO Car Project Website

I created a website detailing all the modifications I did on my 1985 Diesel Mercedes to run it on waste vegetable oil:





Gardening Website

I've created a dedicated gardening website to serve as home for storing information useful to backyard vegetable gardeners in the north Texas area.  (planting dates, plant information, techniques)


UPDATE:  Lots more information is at http://northtexasvegetablegardeners.com/


Blog Website

blog website: